Kerri Knibbs

Chairing the Board of Trustees is a true privilege. We are fortunate in having a group of dedicated people who willingly give up their time to support SSNAP in a variety of ways. Since becoming a member of the board over 10 years ago I have seen how we have adapted to the growth and needs of the NICU and all involved. Each person brings a different strength and experience that enables us to deliver our aims and objectives. 

One of our key strengths is how visible we are as trustees. You will often find us attending fundraising events (some are willing participants and can also be found climbing mountains, throwing themselves out of planes, running marathons or more sedately providing tea and cake at garden parties or on the unit) as well as providing governance for the smooth operation of the charity or just being available for all of our staff and extended staff if we include those employed by the NHS in the NICU. 

I will be forever proud of what we accomplish and know that we all have SSNAP's core principles at heart. 

Should anyone wish to explore becoming a trustee please do contact us as you just may have the additional skill set we are seeking. 

Alan Sowden

I am a very proud Dad to a daughter born at 26 weeks gestation.  Being born this early, and tiny at just 1lb 8 oz meant a lengthy stay in hospital, 82 days to be precise.  Whilst we were walking that journey that no parent expects, we were supported every step of the way by the fantastic team in the unit, and of course the SSNAP team and volunteers.  SSNAP helped to make the impossible journey possible, and so after we were discharged, we wanted to give back.  I turned up to speak about being a volunteer and, being an accountant by day, was swiftly “asked” in persuasive terms to be the treasurer. 
I have held this position now since March 2020 and love being able to give back to the community that supported us at our most difficult times and am determined to help SSNAP offer as much help to as many families as possible – this is an incredibly special charity with incredibly special people at its heart, and I am privileged to be a part of that.

Dr Nicholas Kevin Ives

Dr Kevin Ives has worked on the Oxford Neonatal Unit for 37 years.

Dan Kimpton

Our daughter Olivia had a difficult birth in 2019 and her situation was critical with options thrown at you that no parent should have to hear after the birth of their baby.  SSNAP and the Family Care Team were there for our journey on the unit and Olivia would come home to us after a very intense 3 weeks.  My wife and I often said the doctors and nurses saved Olivia and SSNAP saved us.

After doing some fundraising, I applied to join the Board of Trustees to bring our recent experience into the discussion and try to use my expertise in running a business to the benefit of the Board and the Charity.

To date I have played 100 holes of golf in one day, jumped out of an airplane at 15,000 feet and completed the 3 Peaks Challenge for SSNAP.  I would only do these things for such a worthwhile charity.

I'm very proud to be part of this great team

Luke Froude

SSNAP has been part of mine and my wife Gemma's life since 2010. We were first helped by SSNAP when our son Finnley was born 3 months premature and spent 4 months in hospital before sadly passing away. We were helped again in 2016 with our son Henry who was born 7 weeks early and came home after 2 weeks. 

Over the years we have fund-raised over £100k for the charity. 

I have been on the board of trustees since 2017 and also had the pleasure of helping in the office to cover a gap for a couple of months. 

SSNAP will always be very close to our family's heart.

Drew McAllister Brown

Drew became a Trustee in February 2020 following supporting the charity through fundraising events. His twin girls were born at 26 weeks and had incredible medical care by the unit for over 3 months. Beaux and Scarlett are now happy and healthy 9 year old twin girls and Drew’s wife Julie is also a supporter of SSNAP and has helped in many ways through fundraising.

Drew has extensive Executive leadership experience within the leisure and hospitality sectors with over 30 years’ experience in leadership roles. He is currently a Group Managing Director of a nation wide hospitality business. Drew provides expertise in leadership, project management, event management, legal, commercial and financial management.

‘I am passionate about the work SSNAP provides to the unit in supporting the incredible doctors and nurses, I also want to ensure that the charity continues to have sufficient funds to meet our ambitions and the demands of the unit’.

Nicky Boughton

It was 9 years ago when  my granddaughter Tabitha spent 4weeks on the NICU. On retiring from my career as a clinical psychologist in mental health ,I decided that I wanted to work supporting the families of babies on NICU ,as I had experienced how stressful the experience can be .It was there I got to know all about SSNAP and I joined the board 5years ago 

Amy Lamb

Amy's daughter spent time on the unit.

Laura Askew

Laura's daughter spent time on the unit. 

Mandeep Tumber

My wife and I have been on the receiving end of the support from SSNAP when Zoravar got his wings and flew off to be a superhero. We want to now give back to the community and be part of the support network that so desperately need's growth. It is an absolute privilege and pleasure to serve as your Trustee for the SSNAP Board of Trustee's. I personally would like all Dad's to know that it is ok to cry!

Paul Vincent

As a proud grandparent of Connie, born very prematurely at the John Radcliffe I was fortunate to be invited to join the board of trustees 12 years ago. During my time as a trustee, I have contributed to the work of the family team, helped at fundraising events and raised funds by Abseiling down the hospital buildings in all weathers and getting a good view of Salisbury Plain whilst skydiving.

I have seen the work of SSNAP firsthand and the life changing effect it has on children and families, through the fantastic work of the family team, Little SSNAPlings, and not forgetting the professional leadership of Martin and previous charity leaders.

As a specialist nursery and early years teacher, a trustee of a large multi-academy schools trust, and an expert working with the Care Quality Commission I have been able to bring a variety of professional skills to the charity. Thank you SSNAP on so many levels.

Gemma Brown

Gemma works on the unit.

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