Baby Harry was delivered 6 weeks early at Stoke Mandeville when his mum Lisa was very unwell. Lisa had HELLP syndrome and her liver ruptured. This resulted in her losing 3l of blood and being put into a coma - Lisa was transported to the JR. Harry was initially fine but then developed NEC and was also transported to the JR. Lisa finally met Harry when he was 6 days old following more surgery and being awoken from her induced coma. 

Harry was in the SCBU. Lisa clearly remembers seeing the SSNAP care box left by his incubator and Harry still has the teddy bear by his bed. Lisa was in hospital for 3 weeks and Harry for 4. The family live in Tring so Lisa’s partner, Peter, stayed in the Ronald McDonald hotel on-site and Lisa joined him once discharged. 

“Your team were always amazing support to us on their daily walk round. Whether it was for a chat, a hug or the amazing sweet trolley, we really enjoyed seeing them - what a terrific asset. I will never forget the hottest day of the year last year when they brought us Fab ice lollies! 

Peter and I are getting married in 2 weeks and instead of wedding favours we have made donations to you and the Ronald McDonald foundation. We are also telling our guests what we’ve done and giving them the link to your website so you may receive some more donations. Harry and I are doing really well now. I’ve attached a couple of photos - before and after!”

We are so happy that Harry and Lisa are both well and we thank them and their families for their generous donations. 

We hope you have an incredible wedding day!


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