My work place Hazchem have chosen three charities to donate money too, during our virtual walking for wellness challenge, we have set ourselves a challenge of walking from Aberdeen (our northern site) to the North Pole, by every employee taking on 2550 miles during the dates of 7th April - 19th May. Each mile is worth £1 from Hazchem, money raised could be a total of £850 per charity.

I put forward SSNAP as one of the three charities due to my son, Xander being born at 26+6, weighing 720g in October 2019. We were was told my son would come early due to complications of little blood flow in the placenta and preeclampsia. 

My other half, Lee and I were given the opportunity to take a walk around the unit before the birth of our son, by Christine, it was lovely that the charity was there even before the birth and as well as after to give you support and talk to you about the unit and what the charity does to help you while your little one is a patient on the unit. 

Once Xander was born during the week Caz and Christine would come around on daily visits to see how things were, if you needed anything, but if you weren’t at you babies bedside, they would put down a small food package to give you a gentle reminder to eat even though you may not feel like it. 

We both very grateful for John Radcliffe and SNNAP for our six week stay before returning to our local hospital. 

We also stayed in one of the houses which they owned, as the Ronald McDonald house was only just being built during our stay in Oxford. 

We did come back for a couple of days for a hernia operation but even then, the staff were fantastic.

Raising money for this wonderful charity through doing the walking challenge I’m very grateful for Hazchem to allow me to put forward this wonderful charity that’s close to my family and friends which we met while on the unit. 

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