November 22, last year, my wife Emily was 30 weeks pregnant with our second child, we were excited for the future and making a family of 4. However unexpectedly Emily was diagnosed with an incurable brain tumour and in order to get the best care our son (Charlie) was delivered 10 weeks earlier than expected.

Both Emily and Charlie were at the John Radcliffe Hospital, where the care they were provided was second to none.

SSNAP arranged for me to have accommodation at Ronald McDonald House and I had a room within hours of Charlie being born. During very dark days there, SSNAP were always on hand to talk to someone, provide me with support, buy gifts for eldest Jack and Charlie. SSNAP were just constantly there ensuring I ate food, offering to buy sandwiches, providing meal vouchers and just everything I could need to continue to function on a day to day.

Especially over the Christmas period when it was meant to be a happy occasion, they helped lift everyone's spirits.

When Charlie caught an infection and was taken back in to ICU, Christine was due to finish but stayed with me, to comfort me in a difficult situation.

Emily and Charlie spent around 8 weeks in hospital and thankfully came out together.

Emily has completed her treatment of radiotherapy and we now wait to see what the future holds but we remain positive and determined. Emily has been so strong during the whole ordeal and I couldn't be prouder of her. The small visits to see Charlie or bringing Charlie to her whilst in the JR were the positive boosts she needed to get through.

The charity have been amazing to me and my family and I want to raise this money in order to pay back a little bit towards what they do. The three peaks is no doubt going to be tough physically but I feel like I have already climbed a few mountains mentally recently so what's a few more.... 

Jamie's Just Giving Page

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