Martin Realey

Martin is our Charity Lead. He brings 15 years of leadership experience from officership in the British Army, and has led charities including Restore locally, and Build Africa globally.  He joined SSNAP in February 2020 and has worked closely with the board to focus the charity and identify a clear strategy and vision for our work.  Martin leads with all elements of the charity and is responsible for operations, HR, finance, administration, events and external relations.   He is also a very keen fundraiser and can occasionally be seen carrying a washing machine.  

You can contact Martin on [email protected]

Christine Headford

Christine, a business proprietor of nineteen years, embarked on a career in the NHS driven by personal- life changing experiences. 

With three years at Oxford University Hospitals and a nine - year tenure with SSNAP, Christine has diverse experience and is our Family Care Team Leader. 

Equipped with training in counselling,communication skills, life coaching, end-of-life and bereavement, she approaches her role with a holistic perspective. She considers it a privilege to represent SSNAP and support the inspirational families that she meets. 

Outside her professional life, Christine finds joy in family, and friends, engages in mindfulness and meditation practices and treasures moments spent in nature.

You can contact Christine on [email protected]

Kerry Ashley-Morgan

Kerry became a member of the Family Care Team three years ago, contributing to our weekend service expansion. 

With a background in multi-agency services she brings her experience to the unit. Kerry extends amiability and provides person-centred care to both families and staff. Drawing from personal experiences with two of her own children in the units, she understands the challenges that can be faced.

Outside of her work role Kerry enjoys spending time with family and friends, and watching films. 

You can contact Kerry on [email protected]

Lauren Young

Lauren joined the Family Care Team eight months ago: her professional journey commenced in Childcare, managing day nurseries and Children's clubs. Lauren ventured into the recruitment sector of child care, contributing to administrative tasks for social workers. 

As a Mother of two, her personal connection deepened when her youngest child was born prematurely. Lauren's intention is to help families through assisting them in navigating their stay.

You can contact Lauren on [email protected]

Emily Byrne 

Emily became a dedicated SSNAP supporter in 2017, during her son's 10 - week premature birth and subsequent unit stay. In 2021, she had a second, shorter stay with her daughter

Leveraging her background in sales and marketing, Emily now serves as the primary contact for SSNAP's fundraising and events.

You can contact Emily on [email protected]

Natasha Brockman

Natasha's premature son, born in 2019, inspired her to become an active fundraiser, participating in the Oxford Half Marathon most years after leaving the unit. 

Now serving as the project lead for Little Ssnaplings, a parent, baby and toddler group, Tash with her experience as a NCU mother, recognises the significance of these groups for families after leaving the unit, a support she wishes had been available for her. 

You can contact Tash on [email protected]

Helen Shayler

Helen has been working as a bookkeeper for SSNAP since 1993. 

You can contact Helen on [email protected]

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