We invite staff on the Neonatal Care Unit to submit applications for SSNAP to fund medical equipment for use on the unit.

This ranges from new, innovative medical equipment to essentials like breast pumps and reclining chairs for improved kangaroo care.

Over the last 41 years we have funded in excess of a million pounds worth of vital equipment on the NCU at John Radcliffe, we couldn't do this without the support of people who choose to fundraise for SSNAP.

August 2023 saw the first twins use the new twin cot on the unit - fully funded by SSNAP. Feedback from parents has been incredible. 

What a special moment! A twin’s bond is magical and they deserve to be side-by-side during these precious early days. Thank you got funding this and making it happen xx - Social Media Follower.

August 2023 saw the launch of the brand new transitional care unit, funded by SSNAP.

"SSNAP is absolutely delighted to have the opportunity to fund this essential element of neonatal care. Working with the Transitional Care Team has been an absolute joy and it's been really fun seeing just how many non clinical features we can introduce. We think this is a brilliant use of money to ensure we have a beautiful setting for parents at such a traumatic time."

Today, OUH launched a brand new transitional care unit based on the postnatal ward.
The unit consists of 7 beds and is designed to keep mothers and babies together, rather than the babies needing to be admitted to the neonatal unit. The mothers and babies will be cared for together, and the babies within the unit will require treatment and additional care for certain conditions including prematurity, jaundice, infection and feeding complications.

SSNAP have very kindly provided funding for the decoration of the two bays which the 7 beds are based in, as well as the funding to create a wellbeing room for the parents and families within transitional care.

The funding given has enabled the team to create a holistic and welcoming atmosphere, as well as creating a relaxing space for parents to come away from a clinical setting. Many of the families who will be cared for on the unit will be staying for prolonged periods of time, therefore having the facilities within the wellbeing room will create a home from home environment, with the aim to positively impact the wellbeing and experiences of the families within our care.

On behalf of the Transitional Care team I would like to whole heartedly thank SSNAP for their incredibly kind donation, and their support in the set up of this unit. – Annabel England Transitional Care Project Lead and Postnatal Ward Manager

4 new breast pumps were funded by SSNAP in May 2023 as part of the feeding team Golden Drop project!

One for delivery suite, one for observation area and two for the postnatal level.

These pumps will be supporting the early expression of breast milk within the first couple of hours post delivery when babies need to be separated from their mothers to be admitted to the newborn care unit.

This is amazing! Even though my breast feeding journey wasn’t what I dreamed, the support and education I received was incredible! I wouldn’t have achieved what I did achieve without the team (hi Zoe!!) and without those pumps being available! Thank you so much! I love seeing the amazing things you can do with our donations xx - Social Media Follower.

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