As part of our 40th Anniversary, we will be featuring the journeys of families that SSNAP have supported across the decades, to celebrate how your support has enabled us to be there at a time when parents and their babies need us most.

Starting our first Family Journey, we have the absolute pleasure of sharing Linda's Story with you and her baby Karen, (who is now no longer little, but 40 years old!) and how they were both supported at the John Radcliffe Hospital, in the year prior to when SSNAP was then created and born......

#SSNAP40 - In the Beginning - Linda's Family Journey 40 Years Ago

"After my previous babies being born asleep, I was very well looked after with Karen. I was always with the silver star team who were fantastic and whom kept continuity of care with you. 

They had decided that the baby would be born by C-section on Monday 6th July. The baby had not grown in weeks and they felt that if left any longer then the same outcome as the others would occur. 

On the 2nd which was a Thursday there must have been something they didn't like, and told me that I could do no more and the baby would be better off now on the outside.
We went into theatre at 9am on Friday 3rd July 1981.

Karen thankfully  blossomed after being born and was home after 4 weeks with no complications. She was so looked after in there. We were lucky, but while in there we met others that were not so lucky and this is where I think that SSNAP was born and the support they give is amazing!

While you are in special care it's clinical, and these little people are swamped by huge machines and wires, but having little things like the gowns and hats and others to talk to makes you see that little tiny thing of joy.

SSNAP do an amazing job for the families that have followed over the years, and although they were only just launching  back then I still feel part of that family that had that extra special little one."

SSNAP are so grateful to Linda (and Karen) for allowing us to share her story with you, and for also donating money to the first baby born on the unit, 40 years on, on Karen's Birth Date. Thank you for being part of our SSNAP Family xxx

Linda, Jessica her Granddaughter, and her Daughter Karen

Karen and her two gorgeous children of her own, Linda's Grandchildren.

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