"We are Julian and Veronika Dancey and our amazing son is Alex. He was in NICU for 18 weeks. He is an amazing little preemie born at just 23 weeks in September 2017. He was only 570 grams when born which is just over a pound! We never thought there was any way he could survive and were told that obviously the chances of him surviving are extremely small. But thanks to all the doctors, nurses and SSNAP he survived and keeps amazing us everyday. 

Alex is 2 years old today and we can’t believe how much he has developed into such an amazing little boy with so much personality. SSNAP were amazing when we needed them, we live about 25 miles away so at the beginning we were left in a horrible position not knowing what to do because obviously Alex was in a bad way to start with and if it wasn’t for you guys giving us a house to live in pretty much in hospital grounds I don’t know what would have happened. 

The SSNAP ladies at the JR hospital were so amazing everyday to us bringing us clothes and so much stuff for Alex! They were with us all the way through our journey and we can’t thank them enough. 

Also when Alex was getting better we were able to go home some nights to get some sleep as you supported us with petrol costs which was a life saver as it was a 50 mile trip every day for us. Me and my wife are donating every month we have a direct debit set up now to give back something and help other families in our situation. We also do quite a lot of fundraising on Facebook for SSNAP like for our birthdays etc.

SSNAP are an amazing charity who help people in this horrible position to have some hope and to support us all."

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